Back Massage



Brighton & Horsham



I've been a fitness coach for over 17 years and former Royal Marine.

I can help you achieve your goals:

  • Weight loss through nutrition & training.

  • Hypertrophy & Strength training.

  • HIIT, Bootcamp, 'Insanity' style training. 

  • Body weight training (toning, strength, endurance)

  • Running training (coach to 5km, cross country, marathon, ultra)

  • Armed Forces/Police/Prison service initial fitness test training. (over 16s).

  • General all round fitness, motivation and accountability for better mental and physical health.

  • Outdoor, gym, your house

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Post or pre event massage
Sports/workplace injury recovery
Improve your flexibility
Correct bad posture
Reduce the effects of stress
Limit muscular tightness (DOMS)

Increase range of motion

Encourage muscle growth

Four young people doing push-ups in a park during a fitness workout viewed very low angle
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Horsham - Highwood estate

Get fit, strong and toned with like minded people

For all abilities.

Outdoor fitness is proven to be better for you.

FIRST CLASS IS FREE - Just turn up.


Benefits of taping:

  • Reduces Pain

  • Activates muscles

  • Reduce Swelling

  • Decompress the skin over muscles

  • Enhances posture and movement

  • Assist the lymphatic system and can assist in helping with bruising.



“After touring with Matt I’ve experienced his brilliant fitness classes. He also worked on my injured leg, getting me back on stage. So I would recommend him highly.".

Mark Moraghan/TV/Theatre Actor

“I highly recommend Matt. First class service right from the first meeting. An excellent consultation service and he was spot on, right through the full massage treatment, onto exercise and aftercare advice Matt was precise, thorough and he is clearly, technically skilled in sports and massage therapies.
I also benefited from some musician specific attention and advice that has already proven incredibly beneficial for me".

Jason Smith/Drummer

"I cannot recommend MHMT highly enough. As a physically active individual with a busy lifestyle I get a lot of tension around my neck and shoulders. Matt took my notes, listened to my concerns and took the time to work on the muscles that needed the attention. I feel like a new woman!"

Sarah Carey

"I was treated by Matt for general Tension / Stress and posture analysis. He has excellent knowledge and provided really positive advice for ongoing self-care, particularly as a fellow Drummer. I feel so much better today; really recommend you visit him" 👍

Mike Roy/Drummer

"Matt is very knowledgeable and understood the issues I face keeping myself fit enough and pain-free to do the pretty extreme equestrian activities I do, but also just the day-to-day stuff. He also understood how this affects my singing, which can also be fairly extreme! His treatment was incredibly effective; highly recommended".

Fiona Wallace/Singer/Horeserider

"I’ve recently started training for the Brighton half, but haven’t really embraced the stretching and care aspect of training. So I went to @mhmtsportstherapy for a sports massage and he really helped me out. He addressed my tight muscles and identified some areas of concern. He was knowledgeable and thorough and shared some great advice. I’d highly recommend him".

Claire Humphreys/Nutritionist/Runner