I've been a sportsman since 1995, when after joining the Royal Marines found I could run, really run. Like my bottom was on fire! I went through training running everywhere and competed at various athletics events and cross country runs within the Royal Marines Band Service. Yes, I still am a musician. I tour the UK as a drummer/percussionist and teach at Roedean School for Girls in Brighton.

In 2004 I left the Marines to pursue my freelance musical career, but to help me out I qualified as a fitness instructor with Premier Global and upon leaving worked with BMF as one of their instructors for 13 years.

I'm still a keen runner; 10k cross country, I also rock climb (RCI (SPA) qualified) and am a keen hiker, road cyclist and hopefully sometime soon taking up Kayaking, which I've done a few times and loved it! I've completed numerous INSANITY training 

programs to keep my strength and agility up. HIIT training is so much fun. In early 2021 I decided to change my training and I'm currently training in hypertrophy (muscle growth) in a gym in Horsham and have just completed 100km walk in 26 hours for charity with my partner, Claire.

My passion for exercise and good health is what motivates me to give you the best of me. Whether you want to get fit, or have a decent massage to help you, I know the importance of it all. 

I'm often asked what my USP is and I can categorically state that whatever your training, muscle ache, post training injury, bad shoulders, sore back etc, I've been there and I've done it. I trained really hard and had all the aches. 

Matt Hobson

Matt Hobson Sports Masseur & Fitness Coach