MHMT Free home workouts

During lockdown I made a series of Facebook Live home workouts using body weight, or stuff you find in your home for resistance training. Everything from HIIT training, Strength Training, Stretching and more. 

Here are the workout sheets you can have to use. The videos are being redone to go here and some on my YouTube Channel. 

It's all free but any tips can be given at www.paypal.me/MHMT1

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Come workout with former Royal Marine

#1 - Home Workout Abs

A great Abs workout. You may want some weight (med ball...)

#2 - Home Workout (Home Gym)

Back & Legs Session. Equipment required, pull up bar/ 2 chairs & broom, weight (bag of books/dumbbells), Tea Towel.

#3 - Home Workout (Home Gym)

Full Body workout using dumbbells, pull up bar and bands.

#4- Home Workout HIIT Session No1

Increased time session, 30sec, 45sec, 60sec.3X through! Tough but really good. Hits all the body.

#5- Home Workout Back to Shoulders

A great home workout to tone shoulders and upper back muscles.