Rocktape is a great way of helping your muscles and joints during those
training pains. Kinesiology tape helps to make the brain think about the
pain in a different way. Rocktape can be applied to almost anywhere on
the body to produce a decompression effect and lift the various layers
of dermis away from the muscle aiding in increasing the motion and
recovery of an injury.

You will see many athletes using Rocktape to aid their motion around a joint and it's excellent for runners, cyclist, rugby and football as well as many other sports. In every day use it can help to alleviate bruising and aid in posture correction.

Rock tape Brighton
MHMT Rock Taping Brighton | Horsham
My massage clients will receive taping if required but you can book in if youthink you require it before an event or if you have an injury such as tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, back pain, shin splints and more.
For consultation and taping I charge a small fee of just £15.
Contact me to book